Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steelers and Ravens no more!

The previous owners of our home were HUGE Steelers and Ravens fans...or at least their kids were!  We were told that they had three young boys, all big football fans.  Their love of their teams spread everywhere within these rooms - including not only decorations but the PAINT!  We recently painted both rooms (after a ton of sanding over the emblems painted on the wall), and now one is a calm, light yellow (the old Steelers room) and one is a nice light tan that continues from the hallways into the room.  Here's my Dad on his visit to help out...he's quite excited to cover over the Steelers logo as he strongly dislikes this team :)  I will be posting 'after' pictures soon.  Actually, a LOT of 'after' pictures are coming soon, but we are waiting on installing the new crown molding and baseboards before showing those off!