Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wallpaper is the Devil!

I bet that, back in 1991, the previous owners of my home thought putting up floral wallpaper would be beautiful.  Bless their hearts they probably had grand plans for a gold-framed bathroom mirror to coordinate with the never-ending sprawling of vines and flowers across the walls.  Unfortunately, at some point, probably in the early 2000's, they realized that the wallpaper fad was quickly dying a slow painful death.  'No problem!' you'd think, "I'll remove this out-dated wallpaper and paint the bathroom a nice, neutral color.'  But NO!  That is not what happened, unfortunately.  The new plan, maybe construcuted out of a hectic lifestyle with 3 little kids running around, was to slap on a new coat of more 2000-era -friendly wallpaper that 'looks' like a textured paint. - - Welcome to my own personal hell!

For all the pain I was put through last weekend, I think that I would have rather had my fingers pulled off one-by-one.  Thank goodness David was there to help out!  My weekend consisted of endless hours of steaming super small sections of wallpaper and pulling off about a 1/4 of a square-inch at a time!  Steam, scratch, pull, rip, spray with glue-remover, repeat!  At least the end result looks like it will be worth all of the effort - all of the wallpaper is now GONE, and I have started using drywall to cover the seams and for overall smoothing over sections that we GOUGED (couldn't help it!). 

Our plan now is to paint the walls with a nice neutral color, and we are toying with the idea of using the same color as the hallways (sand color).  There is gorgeous wainscotting from the floor mid-way up the wall that will be painted a bright white, along with the new crown molding and baseboards.  Eventually our plan is to re-tile the shower walls with a neutral tile and install a nice Whirlpool tub.

One important lesson learned in this scenario -

Before attempting to remove wallpaper, make sure to score the wallpaper LIGHTLY, with lightly being the operative word.  David went to town with our PaperTiger (cool tool, Google it!) and left tiny little holes in ALL of the drywall panels....Oops!  Needless to say, I spent EXTRA long mudding and he will be the happy little sander in that bathroom.  :)

Before and after photos to follow!