Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on the Upstairs Bathroom!

As you can see below, our initial plan to paint the old wainscotting was a FAILURE!  The wainscotting was placed incorrectly and the panels did not line up as desired, leaving the terrible green color showing from between the seams.  It was also a little bit old, so I headed to Home Depot to pick up new panelling, chair rail, and baseboards.  As you can see, David had to learn how to install this wainscotting, but future pics will show how great of a job he did (so proud!). 

In related news, I took a spill at Home Depot while picking out this panelling (I'm on camera falling in their lumber department) and have had their insurance company calling me repeatedly.  Unfortunately my back is still KILLING me a week and a half later so I may need to contact them for an x-ray.  Here's to hoping the pain doesn't last and that future visits to HD are a bit less exciting!

Oh, and as you can see we went with the neutral 'sand' color that we will be using in the hall.  A nice white Martha Stewart shower curtain and pretty white rugs will work well with the robin's egg blue hutch we will be placing in this room. 

Stay tuned for pics of what we accomplished when my Dad and sister Taryn came to visit - so lucky that they were able to help!