Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Dreaded Paneling....

Here are a few 'before' pictures to show just how much work we have ahead of ourselves on this paneling.  As the pictures show, we've done QUITE a bit of patchwork and sanding.  We've now completed one coat of primer and will be painting the walls this weekend!  We are hoping to get the living room and hallways downstairs completed.

The GOOD news is that the horrible orange on the bookshelves is gone!  That was one of last weekend's projects.... A few of the other items to be completed in this room, at some point or another, are:

Removal of the wood-burning stove.  There is a fireplace in the wall behind the stove, which we'd like to bring back to life with some kind of cottage-y mantle...maybe stone?  or brick?

Removal and replacement of all baseboards and molding.

Serious weatherproofing!