Thursday, December 16, 2010

How do you feel about upholstered beds?????

Custom Kristen II Upholstered Beds
Custom Rhonda II Headboards

Custom Laurel II Upholstered Beds
Carlton Beds
No, for real, what do you think?  I'm torn, and I'm no designer...any insight/thoughts would be appreciated!

Furniture, furniture, furniture!

We are only a few days away from closing, so right now we are working to determine the logistics of the whole crazy process.  I swear, the number of things that have to be done to move are just ridiculous...all of the address changes, utility setups, and car-related matters just pile up!  In the midst of this, one thing on my mind is the furniture we will need for this home - we've never had anymore bedrooms than two, and when we left NC we sold one of our bedroom sets.  Also, our ill-planned purchase of an off-white couch has necessitated its placement in the backhouse/party room area!  Therefore, we're going to need two bedrooms worth of furniture and a new living room set.  Fortunately, I have lots of ideas!  I've decided that this time around, I am going to buy what I really want rather than what's on sale.  I am looking into a leather couch and loveseat and an accent chair in the living room, a classic wood sleigh bed and dresser for the master bedroom (our first king-sized bed!), and a country/homey feeling off-white cottage style queen sized bed and dresser for the downstairs bedroom.  Our current bedroom furniture will make its way into the guest room.  :)  We are going with a warm brown for the leather couches, and I've got my eye on a set from Haverty's that David and I sat in and LOVED.  It looks great, of course, but most importantly it is super comfortable and smooshy.  The arm-rests are at the perfect angle to take an afternoon snooze while watching television.  Because all of that brown has the ability to make a room seem dark, I found THIS CHAIR:

I LOVE it!  It will coordinate perfectly with the colors we've had our eye on for the walls.  My friend Bre has a great accent chair and it just makes her living room feel so comfortable, so I know its a necessity.

So, one more step will be completing after closing on Monday...we're headed to the furniture store to place our order!  Good thing they have two-year no finance charge credit right now!!!!! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Dream Bed

Seagrass Headboard

I want this bed AND this bedding set SOOOO bad for our master bedroom!  Too bad Pottery Barn shipping costs are off the charts.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In my last post, I explained that I was looking for a great grasscloth wallpaper for our office.  Well, I found a few examples that show how great this fabric will look on the wall! 

Here is a darker version:

And here's a great lighter version:

Either way, from what I've read it is a great wallcovering option for an office - grasscloth wallpaper is made of many different types of natural grasses such as jute, seagrass, and bamboo.  Because of the multi-textural dimension of the fabric, this type of wallpaper easily hides pin-pricks in the wall made from hanging different paperwork in the office.  It also provides a great contrast to the many bright white built-in bookcases that line the walls of the office.

I found it interesting how grasscloth is harvested and the product is made.  A site I found explains, "Grasscloth wallpaper begins with the harvesting of the natural fibers. Many of these grow along wetland areas, stream banks and mountainous regions. The fibers are isolated from leaves, sometimes fermented and individually chosen for their natural beauty. They are woven together alone or in combination with other grasses and fibers, producing hundreds of different styles."

I find it so interesting that we can layer these type of grasses on the wall to create a natural, harmonious element within a space that is usually used by a person while they are highly focused and possibly anxious.  Maybe this wallpaper will have a calming effect while we both work hard on our graduate degrees!?  I also love that we're bringing nature's elements into the house.  Because this home is in a river-front community, using grasses that line a riverbed seems perfect!

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Things First

Immediately after move-in, I have plans to complete two items fairly quickly, in order to get the house 'finished' to my liking.  First, I need to get someone over to drywall our currently unfinished laundry room, drywall inside of our pantry to 'finish' it (currently it is a a cavity tucked into the hallway with 2x4s for shelving), and to reframe and drywall around a window the current owners had replaced with a smaller one.  I'm anticipating this to be a no-nonsense step that can easily be completed by a handyman, of which we have a few recommendations from friends.  Although I'm sure David and I could hang the drywall, it is important to me that the drywall hung be professional, so that the room can stand up to the next rounds of decorating. 

(Pictures of the unfinished areas to be posted soon).

During this time, our job is going to be ripping down all existing crown molding and baseboards that don't live up to our standards.

Then, I can get to painting (and even wallpapering.. )!  I have a few color schemes in mind, and I'd like the opinions of friends and family on which ones to go with.  We're looking at neutrals in shades of brown, blue, green, yellow, and grays that can all flow well together.  We don't want our house to look like an easter egg, so each shade will have barely a touch of the primary color included over a greyish tan base.  I'm going for a 'coastal' look with soft calming colors that make everyone feel comfortable wherever they may be in the home.  I'd also like to bring the feel of Wilmington with us to Edgewater!  These colors seem to all go well together and pretty much any furniture or decorating scheme will mesh with these ideas.  Definitely no more primary colors or hard solids on my walls!

Soon, I will have a floor plan up so that it will be easier to evaluate each option, but take a look at these colors:

Sherwin-Williams:  Urban Putty (For Entrance, Living Room, Hallways)

Here's a picture of it in a home:

Sherwin-Williams: Rainwashed -2nd Color Down (For Kitchen and Dining Room)  Is this more of a blue or green?  It looks different in various pictures I've seen it utilized!

Here is a picture of it in a home: (Looks green here, doesn't it?)

And I'm not sure what this very very light purple/gray is, but I love it.  I found this off of the Martha Stewart website and will need to do some more research.  I'd like this color in the bedroom downstairs:

More to come soon!  I've found an amazing sawgrass wallpaper for the office, and have to track down the yellow I'm looking for. 

So Many Decisions....

As we prepare for closing, there are so many exciting decisions to make.  Some of these choices will require the investment of a substantial amount, therefore I must make sure to truly evaluate each option before jumping the gun and going for it.  In the past, I have been known to come up with a 'brilliant' idea and run out to buy the paint and supplies to complete it....without examining how the color or style or pattern will flow with the rest of the home.  (Hello bright red walls in the bedroom!)  Now, I am starting with a somewhat blank canvas (as each room needs updating) and want to make sure I don't push ahead too quickly.  This is going to be a challenge to me, because I am certainly one of those people who appreciates instant gratification and it is harder for me to complete a project fully, the way it is meant to be done for lasting design, step by step.  David will be a great ally in this whole process, because he tends to think decisions such as these through a bit more than me.  Although he's giving me the reins to make design decisions, he wants to have input into the style of the home to ensure he's as comfortable as me.  Hey, we might be living here for quite some time!

The main decisions that need to be made include:

  • paint colors for each room
  • shape/design of crown molding and baseboards
  • floor refinishing vs. floor replacement
  • kitchen cabinetry and countertop selection
  • master bedroom closet design - which room should we use as our closet (we currently have a closet and nursey side by side, either would be a good option, but one has windows and one does not, plus we might put in a 3rd bathroom at some point)
  • furniture purchases as we now only have enough furniture for one bedroom
There are many, many more other smaller design decisions to be made, but for now I want to focus on these basics.  It is against my nature, but I'm trying to roll out a plan for these items before beginning anything.  I would hate to spend our tightly budgeted cash on one item, and then find that the coordination with that item is difficult.

For now, I'm searching blogs, Martha Stewart's website, architectural magazines, and any information/pictures to do with river homes and cottages for ideas.  I've also found a few craft websites that have been helpful, that give great ideas on a tight budget.  I'd appreciate any and all ideas!!! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our New Home

We plan on closing on our new home on December 20th.  We've had successful inspections and are waiting on all of the pieces of the puzzle to come together.... which means a lot of planning and packing in the next few weeks.  Below are pictures of the house in the current condition:

Dining Room

Downstairs Bedroom


Living Room

Master Bedroom


Larger Bedroom Upstairs

Smaller Bedroom Upstairs

It is four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, plus an office and a great back house perfect for entertaining!  We will have more storage room than ever before, with a full attic and tons of little nooks and bookshelves.  We fell in love with the 'cottage' feel of the home, and actually it is one of the remaining original cottage river homes in the neighborhood!  We have many plans for this home, more to come soon!